India has many places to visit for vacation .
today we are going to show you “top five best places to visit to india”
india is a very big nation and it has various natural and historical place to visit .
so lets start the top five list.

1. The Taj Mahal :

Taj mahal” is Historic place which was made by sajahaan on the memory of his queen Mumtaj . Taj mahal is a Killa which is made by the marvals tiles . ‘taj mahal’ has a historic love story in it . so when you visit to india then make sure that you will visit to taj mahal .


Marine drive is situated in Mumbai and it is also a very nice place for visit . you can get a memorable time in there . this place is also famous for bollywood film shooting and also famous as a place for love couples.


india gate is situated in delli. It is also called the “gateway of india” . it is also a very good place to visit.


It is the one of main river of india and it is also a very nice natural place for visit .
India has 5 main river and ‘gangas’ is one of them . “ganga” is famous for ‘’PUJA_PAATH” . this is the place for like “SAADHU”  and it has a very nice holy situation in the beech of the river gangas .


Ghats of banaras is a very peacefull place to visit . this place is mainy related with “pooja paath” and ofcourse with the GOD .
If you need peace for some time then you must should visit in the “ghats of banaras”
so before you leave india must make sure to visit these places for atleast once.
so friends I hope you like my article . you can  follow me on facebook to join with me and you can also ask me any questions  if you need any help or information. THANKS .


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